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  • Where are you located?

The Cabaña and Ensenillo Hotel Boutique are located on a serene, secure, and secluded property 15 minutes’ drive from the international airport for Medellin, Colombia (the second largest metropolitan city in Colombia). Check us on Google Map Zenerchi Retreat on Google Map



  • Why did you choose Colombia for Zenerchi Retreat?

Colombia was in the turmoil of civil war for the past 50 years until the Colombian government led by former president Juan Manuel Santos signed the peace agreement with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) in 2016. Due to the 20th century horror of guerilla violence and drug trafficking, Colombia hosts an alluring combination of pristine biodiversity and traditional ranching culture seemingly lost in time. Today Colombia has emerged, if unsteadily, as a place of tranquility. Zenerchi Retreat is situated in the Andean peaks. The beauty, climate, and the seclusion and tranquility of the place are unparallel in the world. Since many natural scenaries are  in the area that are used to be occupied by guerillas and few tourists have set their feet on those places, you will be able to find the whole serene beauty to your group and your guide.


  • Is it safe at Zenerchi Retreat?

The location of Zenerchi Retreat is in the safest place in Colombia. The former Colombia president Alvaro Uribe lives within two miles of Zenerchi Retreat. There is a military base within two miles of Zenerchi Retreat as well.


  •  Who has visited Zenerchi Retreat? Who is a typical guest at Zenerchi Retreat?

The Cabaña was completed around January, 2020. Then the global pandemic hit which affected every person’s life. Even during the difficult time throughout 2020, Zenerchi Retreat has not only hosted locals who were looking for something unique outside of the lockdown and some visitors from the nearby regions who have discern taste and would like something beyond ordinary but also guests from all over the world including United States, Germany, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Holland, and Guatemala.

Since Zenerchi Retreat is a wellness retreat and caters to people who are looking for a peaceful place in the rustic and natural setting for meditation, relaxation, and regeneration, below is a sample list of guests who would enjoy their stay and adventure at Zenerchi Retreat:

      • Nature lovers who are looking for a place where they can immerse themselves in the nature at spring-like environment year long doing their meditation, yoga, taichi, and outdoor adventures such as hiking, river trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, organic gardening, etc.

      • Yogis, meditation connoisseurs who are looking for a peaceful and serene place for their practices as well as some adventures

      • Beginners of Yoga and meditation who need to jump start their practices in a peaceful and serene place plus having some adventures

      • Anyone who feels burned out by his/her daily routine and is looking for a seculded place to reset in mind and body

      • Couples who are looking for a serene place to renew their connections physically and mentally

      • Anyone who is looking for a place to jump start their weight loss journey. The fresh air, fresh food, and so many places for outdoor activities make it easier to shed off the extra pounds anyone has had a difficult time getting rid off.

      • Anyone who is recovering from addictions and is looking for a remote and exotic place to continue his/her rehabilitation. We can design special programs to tailor to the needs of rehabilitation.

      • Anyone who can work remotely and is looking for a secluded place to conduct his/her daily work while enjoying extraordinary weather and activities.

The list can keep going and is not limited to the above. If you have any questions about whether Zenerchi Retreat is for you, feel free to contact us.

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  • Is it easy to get to Zenerchi Retreat?

If you are coming from the United States or Canada, there are direct flights to Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport from New York, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The airlines flying directly to Medellin international airport from the above US cities are JetBlue, American Airlines, Spirit, and Avianca. The direct flight is about 3 to 4 hours. From the airport, it is 15 minutes’ ride to Zenerchi Retreat.

  •   What do I expect at Zenerchi Retreat?

Your experience at Zenerchi Retreat is completely customizable. There are three packages for the Cabaña. The Simple package is just like a lodging place and you are left on your own to plan your days here. We are here to offer you any suggestions or help if you need us. You can also book some excursions and experiences with us if you choose to. The More and the All Inclusive package offer you more services. The daily evening turndown service is available at your request. Your meals are served every day and you can enjoy your meals and snacks at the Cabaña overlooking the changing color of the mountains and clouds. For All Inclusive guests, we will take you to all the excursions and experiences you would like to have to make your stay full of activities you enjoy. Due to the pandemic, there is no group sessions for meditation or yoga. All the guests can do their own personal meditation and yoga sessions in their own room, on the lawn, near the streams, at the koi pond, at the patio, or anywhere they like on the property. If any guests would like some private guidance, we are happy to offer you private or video instructions. Please check out the activities and sample itineraries.