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It was a great pleasure meeting you at the NYC Super Summit in the past three days. Thank you for your interest in participating in our GiveAways only available for the NYC Super Summit Attendees from May 7th to May 9th, 2024. Please choose which GiveAway choice you would like to enter into. ONLY one entry per unique email and phone number. We will inform the winners by email and text messages.

Zenerchi Wellness Escape GiveAways

1. Three nights four days stay at Zenerchi Retreat including transportation, lodging, meals at the retreat, and tours in the area. (Value at $2,000.00)


2. When you buy a 50 million cell treatment at $7,000.00, you will get 100 million cell treatment. (Value at $6,000.00)


3. When you buy a 100 million cell treatment at $13,000.00, you will get 150 million cell treatment. (Value at $6,000.00)


4. When you buy a 150 million cell treatment at $19,000.00, you will get 200 million cell treatment plus the Restorative Package (5 nights 6 days stay with transportation, lodging, meals, tours, and one massage session). (Value at $10,000.00)