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All of us at Zenerchi Retreat take all the precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We thoroughly clean and disinfect the rooms after each stay. We follow all the protocols for cleaning and guest interaction. Masks are required in all the common areas at Zenerchi Retreat.

Zenerchi Retreat is a secluded property. Guests can stay at the property the entire time without interacting much with people outside. Since the weather at Zenerchi Retreat is around 70 Fahrenheit year round, all guest activities take place in the open air. Therefore, the possibility of virus transmission is close to zero.

Studies from Harvard University and US Department of Defense show COVID-19 exposure risk is minimal on commercial aircraft when air filtration systems and masks are in use.

For any guests concerned about obtaining a negative PCR COVID-19 test for coming back to the United States, there is a COVID-19 test site available within 2 miles of Zenerchi Retreat. We can also arrange COVID-19 tests for guests who can collect the sample right at Zenerchi Retreat within 3 days of departure.