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Zenerchi Retreat is the ideal place to do meditation. There is no distraction from the outside world. You can completely immerse yourself in the nature, listening to the stream water running, the wind, the birds and looking at the sun, the rain, and the ever changing color of the mountains afar. Due to the pandemic, we currently do not offer any group meditation sessions. If you would like to have some guidance in your meditation, we can offer onsite private instructions. Most people coming the Zenerchi Retreat would like to do their own meditation routines. However, we will accommodate any requests of our guests as much as we are able to.


You can do Yoga in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. You can do Yoga on the balcony of the Cabaña, the front lawn, the patio, or inside your room. No matter when and where you want to do your practice, you are in an environment completely surrounded by the Nature with no disturbances from the outside world. Due to the pandemic, we currently do not offer any group yoga sessions. We can provide you private instructions in the outdoor area if you need any. We can also offer you video yoga instructions that suit your level of practice and your preference. We will make sure that you achieve your goals during your stay at Zenerchi Retreat.


Zenerchi Retreat is located in the Andean Mountain Range. The property is tucked in the rolling mountains with many spectacular water falls and charcos within the vicinity. There are hidden hiking trails right on the property or within walking distance of the property. The hiking can range from easy strolling to strenuous. There are trails for any level of physical fitness. No matter which trail you take, you will be delighted at all the beautiful sceneries you have along the trail. Most trails are very secluded. You will have the solitude of absorbing all the energy and beauty from the surrounding nature.

Horseback Riding

You will see healthy beautiful horses everywhere you go. The horses are freely roaming and grazing. There are abundant Paso Fino horses. There is an Equestrian School within 1 mile of Zenerchi Retreat if you want to take some lessons. You can take a stroll around many trails nearby. We have our own horses at the Retreat as well. You can feed the horses and pad them right at the Retreat. You can take the horse walking around the Retreat. You can run with the horse along the gentle slope at the Retreat. You can also ride them on the lawn if you are a beginner of horseback riding and our staffs can help you guiding the horse.

Mountain Biking

Organic Horticulture

Culinary Experience