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Who we are

In 2017, Dr. Yi Song stumbled upon Colombia and fell in love with the place. She felt the energy and enjoyed the endless beauty of the area. With the year round temperature at around 60s to 70s Farenheit, this is the perfect weather for the body and the mind. It is the perfect climate for agriculture and farming as well due to plenty of rainfall and sunshine the whole year. You will see the beauty yourself once you get here. Every time when Dr. Yi Song comes to Medellin/Rionegro area, she feels her heart opens up to the natural beauty and all the stress and worries are tossed out. The fresh smell of the plants in the air, the soothing sound of the streams surrounding the finca, and the fresh food from the finca make Dr. Yi Song feel like in heaven. Therefore, she wants you to experience the rejuvenating and exhilarating effects of the place as well. Dr. Yi Song has been running a premier acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic in Boston, Massachusetts for the past two decades. She feels the air, water, and the spirit at Zenerchi can facilitate the healing and harmonize the mind and body. Come visit and experience it first hand. You will not regret it and will want to come back frequently for pushing the reset button of the body from your daily grind. Give us a call and see you soon!

Staff Members

All the other employees at Zenerchi Retreat

All of us at Zenerchi Retreat are here to maintain the pristine beauty of Zenerchi Retreat and serve your needs. We hope to see you at the Retreat!

Where are we?

The retreat is located 15 minutes from Jose Maria Cordova International Airport for Medellin, Colombia (the second largest city in Colombia). The Zenerchi Retreat is located at an elevation of 7,200 feet in the Andes Mountain Range. Although the location is very close to the equator, due to the elevation the year-round weather at the retreat is Spring like temperature around 60 to 70 Fahrenheit (15 to 20 Celsius). The location also has ample rainfall but usually the rain and sun is intermingled throughout the day. The rainy season is usually February to March and October to November. The rainy season just means you may have more rain then the sun on some days but usually you still have quite a lot of sunny days. Therefore the area is very suitable for the growth of many plants and flowers. And the pristine beauty of the area is also very nourishing to the mind and body.