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Why does Zenerchi Retreat offer the best price for the quantity and quality of stem cells you get compared to other clinics in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia?

We are a boutique health/wellness spa and we value our relationship with our customers. We do not do assembly line style treatments. We cater our treatments to your particular conditions in a very private and relaxing setting. Although we have been offering advanced stem cell treatment for only two years, we have been offering alternative therapies to help thousands of satisfied customers in Boston for over twenty years. We are the ONLY stem cell clinic that offers a complete Wellness Retreat package. You do not need to arrange lodging and meals when you come to Zenerchi Retreat for advanced stem cell treatment. We also have US offices in Dallas, TX, San Juan, PR, and Boston, MA so you can also visit our offices in US to get in person consultation.

Why is Zenerchi Retreat in Colombia?

Colombia ranked 22nd by WHO in the overall efficiency of 191 healthcare systems ahead of United States (ranked 37th), Australia (32nd), Canada (30th), and Germany (25th).

Zenerchi Retreat is a year-round destination.

Zenerchi Retreat is located at 7,500 ft in the Andean Mountain Range. Due to the elevation, the year-round temperature is in the 70 Fahrenheit.

Colombia is one of the top 10 destinations for retirees.

Pleasant weather, high quality health care, and low cost of living are among the reasons why Colombia has been ranked one of the top 10 destinations for retirees. All the above advantages can also be translated into an ideal destination for health and well-being.

Connecting with the Nature

Harmonizing the Mind and the Body

Relaxing, Rejuvenating, and Reflecting

Rejuvenating your Aging Body with the YOUNG Human Cellular Tissues to Wake up your Own Body’s Regenerative Power to Repair

Our Clinic/Treatment Center is Modern, Overlooking the Mountain Range, Equipped with the Sterile System to Handle Stem Cells and other Equipments to Perform Orthopedic, Aesthetic, and Intravenous Treatments and Various Therapeutic Procedures. You will Receive the Top-notch Treatments at the Same Time being Mesmerized by the Changing Clouds and Color of the Mountains.

Our Cabins are Completely Private, Surrounded by Nature, with its Own Kitchenette, and Designed to be Original and Sustainable.

Special Gastronomics Catered to Your Dietary Requests and Your Sophiscated Palate

Delicacy Catered to Your Palate

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